The Griffith University Law Society (GULS) is an unincorporated association with over 600 members. Almost all of its events are open to the public and it routinely welcomes a high proportion of non-members to its events – particularly its major social events. GULS is affiliated with Campus Life and the Australian Law Students Association (ALSA).




The GULS social portfolio is varied and expansive, catering to a wide variety of tastes. Its major social events are its annual Law Ball and Black Tie Dinner which are classy, prestigious events. It also has inexpensive and more casual events such as Pub Crawl, Law Revue and Dodgeball.




GULS has a very successful social sport program, fielding teams in netball, soccer and touch football. In 2014 GULS is also introducing a new focus on social justice and mental health, with an Equity Luncheon  and social justice guide in semester 1 and a mental health week and mental health guide in semester 2.




GULS runs a mentorship program which connects first year students with older students and includes a series of events such as the meet your mentor morning tea and the first year court visit. It also runs nine legal skills competitions and fields a contingent in the ALSA annual national conference. GULS publishes a variety of publications including a careers guide, first year handbook, electives guide, annual yearbook and regular newsletters.




GULS maintains an open door policy and office hours from 11.00am-2.00pm each weekday, that students may visit, enjoy a free coffee, and engage with the society. You can also stay up to date via our weekly emails (sent to all law students) and our Facebook page – just search ‘Griffith University Law Society – GULS’.



The 2014 Committee


Jessica Musulin
[email protected]


Vice President Activities

India Ghariss
[email protected]


Vice President Administration

Tahira Sabdia
[email protected]


Vice President Education

Paris Ball
[email protected]


Vice President Finance and Sponsorship

Georgia Cupples 
[email protected]


Careers Officer

Chris Murphy
[email protected]


Competitions Convenors

Caity Usher
[email protected]

Aaron Payne
[email protected]


Education Officers

Mehere Maladina
[email protected]

Angharad Rees
[email protected]


Equity Officer

Leeonee Thompson
[email protected]


GULS Presidents
2015 – Georgia Cupples 
2014 – Jessica Musulin
2013 – Kirsty Foulkes
2012 – Peter Sams
2011 – Peter Sams
2010 – Karyn Bell
2009 – Sarah Dawson
2008 – Eammon Atkinson
2007 – Suzannah D’Juliet
2006 – Dom Ferraro
2005 – Michael De Waard
2004 – Jodie Hosking
2003 – Darius Isaacs
2002 – Michael Vickery
2001 – Katherine Hayes
2000 – Lars Mula
1999 – Shivchand Jhinku
1998 – Julie Lovell
1997 – Kate Chapman
1996 – Kate Short
1995 – Tara Knobel
1994 – Tara Knobel
1993 – James McGrath
1992 – James McGrath

First Year Representative

Geramie Bruno
[email protected]


IT Officer

Cori Fitzpatrick
[email protected]


Marketing Officers

Jason Sherwood
[email protected]

David Quodling
[email protected]


Social Convenors

Nirupama Sivakumar
[email protected]

Sam Lawford
[email protected]


Internal Education Officer

Kathryn Townsend
[email protected]


Law Revue Convenor

James Vercoe
[email protected]


Publications Officers

Paulin Klippmark
[email protected]

Matthew Staley
[email protected]


Sports Convenor

Samantha Toogood
[email protected]




GULS Life Members

Kerrod Giles
Michael Kirby
Josh Taylor
Laura Anderson
Jarrah Storey
Colby List
Chris Maher


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